The primary objective of the European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing is the exchange of information on Acoustic Emission (AE), with particular emphasis on scientific and technical development. The conference aims to bring together the expertise of scientists and engineers in academia and industry in the field of AE. The conference will cover activities relevant to acoustic emission of engineering structures and systems, including the processing of collected data and analytical techniques as well as experimental case studies.


AE signal detection and processing
AE and localisation of defects
AE and material behaviour (steels, plastics, wood, composites, …)
AE in material engineering
AE in civil engineering and geology
AE in transportation engineering
AE methods and their practical applications
+ Corrosion damage monitoring
+ Fatigue monitoring
+ Leak detection
+ Medical applications
+ Monitoring of technological processes
+ Testing of equipment (pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipes, rolls in paper mills, …)
+ Tribo-logical examinations
+ Wear monitoring
AE and standardisation
AE equipment and new developments
AE software and new developments
AE and applications in other fields

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