Inn Maciejowka - a restaurant near Krakow

Our restaurant is an inn with a soul, created by people with passion.

Inn Maciejówka is an ideal place for people who want to eat a delicious meal, spend nice time with family and friends or relax while traveling.

We also organize special events.

A fewwordsaboutrestaurant…

Maciejówka Restaurantis a restaurant with tradition of goodcooking. We are family-ownedcompanyestablished in 2007. We servedeliciouscourses in beautiful and inimitablewayallalong. Ourremarkableatmosphereismade by people, whocooperate with eachother, puttingtheirhearts to the jobthatthey do. We havetwodiningrooms in mainbuildingmaintained in ruralatmosphere, beautiful garden, to fall in love with and summerrestaurantatourscommand. We do not forget about the youngest, who can spend time on the playground and in the corner prepared especially for them. At our place youcanrest far from citynoise. We areofferinginimitableatmosphere, magnificentcookery and nice service. In 2011 ourrestaurantgot a certificate of RegionalLesser Poland Restaurant, that in consecutiveyears was handed to us for diligence in selectingregional products and careaboutlocalproviders.

We hold

  • Weddingreceptions
  • Banquets
  • Communions
  • Special events
  • Christmaseves for companies
  • New Year’sEveball
  • Prom partys
  • Regale
  • Corporatepartys.